Scotty 4045-30 Roll and Foam mobile attack system


Manufacturer: Scotty Fire

Product Information

The Scotty 4045-30, "Roll & Foam", Mobile Foam Attack System is a self-contained unit that can transform any pressurized fire hose,
water supply line or stand pipe into a fire fighting foam generatingstation.
Deploy to a pressurized water source near a fire scene even when the
tank is filled to capacity with fire fighting foam concentrate (foam concentrate not included).
By following the
instructions on the top of the tank, the user can deploy, set-up and spray foam in under a minute.
The Scotty 4045-30 Roll & Foam can be installed in an accesable area and quickly deployed in case of an emergency.
The unit can be used in industrial sites, installations, warehouse and storage facilities,
schools, shopping malls or even marinas, harbours or aircraft hangers (Class B foam units recommended).

The system consists of an wheeled supply tank with a 14 gallon capacity, a 50-foot length of flat rack hose, a 30gpm Scotty Foam Eductor factory
set for either 1% for Class A foam (4045A-30) or 3% for Class B
foam (4045B-30), a matching Air Aspirating Foam Nozzle and a D-Handle, Pistol Grip Shut-Off with swivel connector.

The eductor is designed for a
nominal operating pressure of between 50 and 100psi. The supply tank must be filled with foam concentrate prior to deployment.
The threads on
the swivel connector on the Eductor are the standard, 1-1/2", NPSH thread type.

The user must confirm thread type compatibility between the unit and
the water supply prior to installation.
A Thread Adaptor may be neccesary.

The eductor, pistol grip shut-off and base of the nozzle are made from glass-reinforced engineering grade nylon, making it extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.

The barrel of the nozzle is made from high-impact
ABS polymer.

Unit Weight: 22 LBS (Empty)

Unit Dimensions: 34 inches x 19 inches x 15.5 inches

A fabric dust cover is available for the unit, stock code 4045CVR.

View setup instructions here :

Product Code: SP-4045


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