Redback Lockdown Controller


Manufacturer: Redback

Product Information

This lockdown controller complements the A 4575A alert/evac controller and is primarily aimed at schools which require a lockdown warning facility. The controller has provision for a period bell plus a standby, lockdown and all clear tones. These can be activated by the switches on the front of the controller, by the remote closing contact triggers on the rear of the unit or by the optional wall plate (A 4598) or paging console (A 4596). 

The unit is powered from a 24V dc source (power supply included) and separate 24V dc switched outputs are supplied for remote triggering (of sirens/strobes etc) for all tone conditions (pre-bell, period bell, standby, lockdown and all clear). Connections to the paging consoles and wall plates are made via Cat5e cabling. Up to eight paging consoles or wall plates can be connected at one time. 

The audio output is typical 1V rms line level and is adjustable via a trimpot adjustment on the rear of the unit. 

The lockdown unit can be connected to the A 4575A alert/evac controller if an EWIS system is also required. Connection is made with a Cat5e cable and a dual RCA lead (see figure below). The A 4575A will take priority over the A 4595 lockdown unit in the case of an emergency.

Tone Operations
A pre bell/chime/tone is included which can only be triggered by the closing contact on the rear of the unit. All of these tones are stored on an SD card in MP3 format which is accessed at the rear of the unit. Using MP3 files gives the user complete control over the sounds played for each tone. This could be music, a pre-recorded tone or speech etc. The duration of time the tones are active is determined by the length of the MP3 used for that tone. 

The standby and lockdown tones can also be set to loop/repeat via external DIP switches. The order of priority from highest to lowest is all clear, lockdown, standby, bell and pre-bell. If the period bell is activated the period bell switch on the front of the unit will stay illuminated until the bell tone finishes. If the standby or lockdown tone is activated, the corresponding switch on the front of the unit will stay illuminated until the tone has finished playing. After this, the switch will continue to illuminate until the lockdown overrides the standby condition or the all clear condition is activated. If the all clear tone is activated the all clear switch will stay illuminated until the tone finishes. 

If any wall plates or paging consoles are connected the switches or LEDs on these units will illuminate accordingly.


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100% developed, designed & assembled in Australia. 
Single 1976 Redback PA products have been manufactured in Perth, Western Australia by Altronics. With over 35 years experience in the commercial audio industry, we offer consultants, installers and end users reliable products of high build quality with local product support.

Product Code: A4595


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