Kestrel 4500 Weather Meter

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Manufacturer: KestrelĀ® Wind and Weather Instruments

Product Information

The Kestrel 4500 weather meter is the ultimate tool for tracking wind direction and wind speed, along with all of the major atmospheric readings that go along with them.  The Kestrel 4500 has incredible functionality that makes it possible to monitor and report on an impressive list of the most important environmental readings, and is a popular tool for military professionals, HAZMAT teams and flight crews.  The Kestrel 4500 doesn’t just track the weather, it has the ability to log the data for storing and charting of thousands of critical data points for later analysis.  It’s a powerful and highly capable tool that offers both reliable functionality and powerful features, in a compact and durable design. 

The Kestrel 4500 has four distinct monitoring functions: digital compass, wind direction, crosswind and headwind/tailwind.  The easy to use lightweight meter features a sturdy design that is incredibly durable in any conditions.  Users can easily gather accurate measurements and readings on a variety of factors, including:

 ·     Heading (true and magnetic)

·      Altitude

·      Pressure trend

·      Barometric pressure

·      Wet bulb temperature

·      Relative humidity in %

·      Heat stress index

·      Dewpoint

·      Density altitude

·      Wind chill

·      Air, water and snow temperature

·      Current, average and maximum air velocity

·      Minimum, maximum and average values


The large number of environmental readings that are available, combined with powerful Kestrel technology, makes the Kestrel 4500 the perfect tool for use in a any types of conditions, from extreme heat to excessively cold temperatures.  The portable, handheld meter was designed for military shooters and gun enthusiasts who require accurate crosswind calculations along with reliable wind direction data, in order to assess conditions and make the shot.  The Kestrel 4500 is the perfect meter for the job, with fast accurate readings on everything that you need, all in one easy to use tool that goes wherever you need it to.


The Kestrel 4500 includes the following features:

·      User-replaceable impeller

·      Multi-function 3 line display

·      Ability to track air, water and snow temperatures

·      Exterior temperature, humidity and pressure sensors 

·      Graph and recall trends for easy analysis

·      Ability to upload to a computer (with optional interface)


Kestrel 4500 with Bluetooth

The Kestrel 4500 with Bluetooth includes custom communication software that was expertly designed to quickly and easily configure your data transmission frequency, download logged data, graph data and transfer it to other applications.  This eliminates the need to purchase an optional interface, as the software allows users to communicate wirelessly at a range of up to 30 feet.


Product Code: KM-4500


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