Hot Shield HS4 with Single Filter Resp

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Manufacturer: Hot Shield

Product Information

The Hot Shield Model HS-4 Respirator and Face Protector Housing is designed to house and protect the Sundstrom brand respirator  SR-100.

This Hot Shield housing does more than protects your face and neck just like our popular HS-2 model!
The HS-4 is constructed of CarbonX materials, the only inherently nonflammable and most thermally resistant fabric in the world today.
The HS-4 combined with the Sundstrom SR-90 or SR-100 Half Face Respirator has been designed for any and all workers who desire heat & flame protection for their face & neck yet must wear a fit test capable silicone half face respirator. Outside of a positive pressure breathing apparatus, this is a very comfortable and highly protective alternative!
The SR-100 by Sundstrom respirator is a negative pressure half face cartridge style respirator that carries NIOSH approvals for specific levels of gases, vapors and/or particulates when equipped with the appropriate chemical cartridge and/or particulate filter. The SR-90 model & especially the SR-100 is designed to provide exceptional safety and breathability for long periods of time, something for which our own HS-2 is not designed.
The Sundstrom SR-100 provides a high degree of filtration, yet has easy air exchange due to twin exhalation valves. The body is made of high grade soft & flexible silicone which stays dimensionally stable and harmless to the skin. Hot Shields HS-4 Housing does not interfere with the mask fit to the face (no fabric between you and the respirator itself) which allows for quantifiable fit testing of individuals.
Note: The photos of our HS-4 show a black fabric covering the front inhalation filter cartridge.
The HS-4 is NO LONGER made with this covering and is NOT an option. Sundstrom supplies a spark arrestor screen that sits right behind the outer cover of the filter.

Product Code: FH-HS4


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