Eska SuperMars Plus L3


Manufacturer: ESKA

Product Information

Super Mars 3 - Level 3 Fire Fighting Glove


  • Special waterproof non-flammable, non-shrinking, oil & water repellent, acid resistant leather
  • Washable to 40 degree C
  • Knuckle protection pad
  • Crosstech chemical protection membrane from the finger tips to the end of the cuff which is 100% permanently attached by means of ESKA patented processing
  • Super Mars 3 from PHA is waterproof with a blood bourne pathogen protection barrier
  • Active-breathing, optimum heat and cold protection
  • The three-dimensional ergomomic cut provides high tactille sensitivity and makes this PHA product a constant companion in the entire range of fire fighting activities
  • Extended service life - Also suitable for tenchnical applications
  • Antislip, impact and wear resistant
  • Extra grip palm
  • Camel colour to minimise heat absorption
  • Capable of up to 20 washes
  • Ideal for Live Fire Training
  • Top of the range glove
  • Sizes XS-XXL

CROSSTECH Direct Grip provides protection against blood, body fluids, gasoline, foam, sulphuric acid (37%), hydraulic fluid, chlorine and other chemicals.

Complies to NFPA1971 - Does not melt or degrade after heat exposure of 250 degrees for 5 minutes.

The primary feature of the Gore-Tex and Crosstech glove insert is liquid penetration resistance to common fire ground chemicals along with heat stress reduction and durability. Note: Eska gloves only use Crosstech glove inserts.

Gore-Tex fabric is engineered to give penetration resistance against water, NFPA 1971 common fire ground chemicals and AS 4967/ AS 2161.6 listed chemicals.
To give uniform resistance to contaminants and greater overall liquid protection, all Gore-Tex barriers are factory seam-selaed by Gore.

NFPA 1971 defined "common chemicals": Battery acid (37% sulphuric), gasoline (ASTM Ref. Fuel C), hydraulic fluid (phosphate-ester), aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) and swimming pool chlorine solution (65% free CI).

AS 4967 / AS 2161.6 chemicals tested in accordance with ISO 13994:1998 Procedure C1:40% sodium hydroxide; 36% hydrochloride acid; 37% sulphuric acid; 50% toluene and 50% iso-octane (V/V).

Fore penetration resistance against blood and body fluids, in addition to water and the NFPA and AS chemicals listed above, a Crosstech fabric has been specifically designed to pass 
liquid penetration-resistant challenges after more than two times the NFPA-required preconditioning cycles.
Gore does not claim that Gore-Tex fabric will pass NFPA requirements for pathogen resistance.

Both Crosstech and Gore-Tex glove inserts are heat and flame-resistant.
When tested, these textiles and Gore's intimate bi-component barrier technology create a thermally stable moisture barrier that will
not melt, separate, ignite or degrade after high heat exposure. Gore's moisture barriers also exhibited high hot and cold flex-to-leakage resistance, high UV degradation resistance, and high abrasion.
These barriers have been field-proven to provide durable waterproof protection after use and extended laundering.

Product Code: G-SMARS


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